Nemanja Vidic, who was recently voted the best United player of the season by the fans and players, has today claimed that contrary to some reports, United have every intention of attacking Barcelona. Chelsea tried to contain the Spanish Champions like United did last season, but it backfired. United won’t want to find themselves in a similar situation next week!

Vidic reckons the pressure will be on but he has every intention of enjoying himself and adding another medal to his collection.

“There’s always pressure on you when you play in a final,” said Vidic. “Of course, you want to enjoy the experience and play your game but you’re very aware of what is at stake in a game like this. You just have to try and deal with the pressure. We won it last season and have picked up great experience from doing that. Getting to a Champions League final is not something that happens every year so we want to make the most of our chance and win the trophy. Barcelona have some good players, especially up front, so it won’t be easy. They have played some good football and scored a lot of goals this season and we have great respect for them. But we must concentrate on ourselves and what we’re going to do. We’re not just going to go there and defend; we want to attack them as well. We have players that can cause defenders problems and score goals. When we’ve needed goals this season we’ve scored them. In some games we’ve been one or two goals down, but have still come back to win. That shows that when we need to score our attackers have produced.”