Gooner Chris, from popular Arsenal blog Gooner Talk, has shared his thoughts on the greatest United vs Arsenal games, which all-time United player he would have liked to see at Arsenal (unsurprisingly, he went for a Frenchie!) and who he fancies for the Champions League this season.


Scott the Red: What is your favourite ever United vs Arsenal game?
Gooner Chris: I’ve got quite a few, but a ‘recent’ thriller between the two clubs was when we beat you 2-1 after a last-minute header from Thierry Henry at the Emirates. It was a fantastic game and such a brilliant atmosphere throughout the 90 minutes.

STR: What is your least favourite United vs Arsenal game?
GC: Manchester United 6-1 Arsenal – enough said.

STR: Happy days! Right, do you still have as much faith in Wenger as you always did?
GC: My opinions change on Le Boss all the time. I still believe that we should of bought Xabi Alonso in January, I think he would have been a superb acquisition. We signed Arshavin instead, despite having 4+ players in the same position.

I’ve never agreed with all of his policies but if we do manage to win something this season – all my faith will be restored! 😉

STR: Forget this season, what do you think Arsenal should be realistically hoping for next season?
GC: Premier League & Champions League. I think we may make a couple of signings which could bolster the squad. We’ll have Rosicky, Eduardo and Gallas all fully fit by pre-season so I’m expecting us to challenge for the title.

STR: What are your thoughts on Fabregas’ recent charge?
GC: What happened to innocent ’til proven otherwise? Where is the evidence to suggest Fabregas spat at Horton? There isn’t any. I think it just sums up the FA to be honest. Fortunately for us, if he does get suspended then it will only be domestically.

STR: I touched a nerve there. Moving on. How much of a miss with Arshavin be for your team in our matches?
GC: A massive miss as you can imagine. He’s just scored four goals against one of the best teams in England. I know that he’s upset about not being able to play in the Champions League this season but I think we’re capable of winning without him.

STR: Much is made of Wenger’s “beautiful football”, but would you prefer attractive football and no trophies OR ugly football and trophies?
GC: Ugly football and trophies. Our manager wouldn’t agree, but as we’ve seen with United, it is possible to play attractive football and pick up silverware.

STR: Which current United player would you most like to see in your squad? Why?
GC: Nemanja Vidic. He’s a brilliant defender, he wears his heart on his sleeve and most importantly – he plays for the team.

STR: Which past United player do you most wish played for you?
GC: Probably Eric Cantona. Just thinking about him in an Arsenal shirt makes my mouth water. He was a magnificent player.

STR: Who do you want to win the Premiership this season? Why?
GC: I’d like to see Liverpool win it. It would be nice to see a mix-up and a different team winning the league but on a footballing basis, United probably deserve it more.

STR: Who do you think will win the Premiership this season? Why?
GC: United will win the league, no doubt about that. You have a superb squad and are capable of turning games around with the likes of Tevez & co available on the bench.

STR: Who will be in the CL final?
GC: My heart says Arsenal v Barcelona but my head says United v Chelsea. Anyhow, we’ll be in for two brilliant games of European football!