Manchester United approach the final day of the season with the title in the bag and a European Cup final to prepare for.

Blackpool will struggle to avoid relegation and have the worst possible fixture to save their season: away at the Champions.

John, from the excellent statistical Blackpool FC blog, Tangerine Dreaming, has taken a few minutes to talk to us ahead of the game.

Scott the Red: How do you rate Blackpool’s season? What have been your best/worst memories?

John: Winning at Anfield was unreal, as was the match against Everton at Goodison. Even though we lost the latter, the game was a real spectacle. Luke Varney’s goal against Wolves was something special too.

Going to St Andrews and producing a stale performance. Losing the lead against Bolton to draw 2-2 at the Reebok. However, the worst feeling was letting the two goal lead against Blackburn at Ewood slip away. We were so dominant and ended up getting deeper and deeper till we couldn’t hold out anymore.

STR: Who have been your most important players?

J: David Vaughan has been outstanding and the best player this season. He is safe in possession of the ball, tackles with tenacity and is consistent. He also blends the team’s formation together defending well and initiating attacks. Ian Evatt stepped up to this level very well and whilst he isn’t quick, he competes well on the ground and in the air. Obviously, Charlie Adam who has sparkled at times, but also make some high profile errors, like that own goal at home to Blackburn.

STR: What do you make of Charlie Adam handing in a transfer request then kissing the badge?

J: I wish the whole affair had been conducted by both parties with a little more composure, thought and class. However, it happened, it didn’t really stir up any emotion for myself. However, I think Charlie is a professional and will always be passionate about any team he plays for and I think he likes to make statements like badge kissing especially when he thinks he is being unfairly singled out for criticism.

STR: United’s 2nd XI beat Schalke 4-1 in the European Cup semi-final. You nervous?

J: Yes. Very nervous. It is the biggest game in my life time. Over the last few years the scale of our matches have just increased in importance. To stay in the Premier League would be amazing and I’m not sure a lot of people understand the level that Blackpool operate on in this game of multi-millionaires. I think some players in the premier league earn more in one week than our whole team does.

STR: What do you think of Craig Cathcart?

J: He has been good, he is quick to recover, good positional sense, good on the ball, however, he has made some key mistakes and paid the price by being dropped for the last few matches. He is young and will possibly develop, but his mistakes against WBA (away), Blackburn (away), Sunderland (home) show that he lacks understanding of how to snuff out real danger when it appears and his mistake against Wigan (home) shows that he needed a break. If anything he is very similar to Ian Evatt and that Alex Baptiste offers a better cover option against the more rugged stopper type of defender.

STR: Predictions for Sunday?

J: Think we’ll lose 3-2 but hopefully results elsewhere will keep us up.

STR: I hope so too! Best of luck.

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