Over the years, RoM has had many a chat with Chelsea Den from The Chelsea Blog in the lead up to match days and season. This year, we get to hear about the hopes for the latest Chelsea manager, what went wrong last season and United’s best players.

Scott the Red: So, after spending periods of the season in fifth before pulling it back to just nine points behind us, were you happy with your team’s performance last season?

Chelsea Den: In a word, no. We were dire for long periods of the season. If it wasn’t for a bit of a fightback towards the end, we’d be watching Channel 5 on Thursday nights this season.

STR: That would have been amazing. Who were your most important players in helping you avoid the embarrassment of Europa?

CD: You might as well ask me who’s responsible for Third World poverty – it’d be easier to narrow it down! To be fair, it was a particularly forgettable season and most of our players went through their own poor periods at one time or another but I guess Cole and JT were solid enough.

STR: How about next season? You fancy McEachran to make an impact?

CD: As long as he’s not farmed out on loan, certainly his impact pre-season would suggest so. I’m maybe not the most unbiased person to ask though given I believe the sun truly does shine out of his arse but the creativity and energy he adds to our midfield is a breath of fresh air.

STR: He’s a bit of a rarity, making it to the first team squad from the ranks. Your usual policy is to dip in to the transfer market. How have Chelsea done this summer?

CD: We’ve been in the transfer market?

STR: What are your aspirations for this season?

CD: Oh y’know, nothing too taxing. The treble would be nice although realistically, I’d take a double… with ice and a slice obviously, since that’ll be the only way it’ll come this season! We have a new manager, not new players, so you’ll have to excuse the pessimism.

STR: So, you don’t have high expectations of Villa-Boas’ turning Chelsea around?

CD: As with any Chelsea manager, it depends how long he stays. This season will be all about finding his feet in the Premier League – sorting out his best XI, sussing out the opposition and coping with the inevitable media pressures. If he comes through that unscathed, he’s young enough and seemingly savvy enough to hold his own.

STR: Where do you think you will finish this season then?

CD: In a heap on the floor again? Probably third.

STR: A Champions League spot has to be a priority I guess. Which player do you think will be most important in helping you achieve this?

CD: Modric… oh! Again, not an easy one to answer. There’s been a few players who’ve definitely improved as our pre-season has gone on but then we had a blistering start to last season and look what happened there. Maybe Torres. I can live in hope.

STR: Ah, Torres. After costing £50m then managing just one goal in a 3-0 win over West Ham last season, would you say he’s the biggest flop of all time?

CD: “…On you go. I’m not fucking talking to you. He’s a fucking great player. You are all fucking idiots.” Ring any bells? Seriously though, ask me that again when he’s had a full season with us. It’s too early to write him off.

STR: Ranieri certainly agreed with Ferguson about Veron being fucking great eh? Agree it’s too early to write him off. Despite him being a massive girl, he is quality, although he’s never been the same since losing his golden locks… which of our players would you want at Chelsea?

CD: Can you ask me that after you’ve signed Sneijder?! For now I’d have to go for Hernandez because he’s got years ahead of him and you can already see he’ll be an absolute menace for you lot. And probably less predictably, Berbatov. I’m still not sure the majority really appreciate his overall contribution but I fancied him at Chelsea before he signed for you and I’ve always had a soft spot for him.

STR: Finally, who will finish in the top 4? Who will go down?

CD: Oh bloody hell, hit me with a claw hammer, it’d be less painful. Ok, I think it’ll be: 1. United, 2. City, 3.Chelsea, 4. Spurs. And going down Wigan, Swansea, Norwich.

STR: I always knew you had some sense. It has been a pleasure, as always.

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