We couldn’t let a game against Chelsea pass us by without having a quick chat with The Chelsea Blog

Scott the Red: So, are Chelsea “old and slow“?

Chelsea Den: Ask Torres! Obviously, we have two or three in the squad who are a little older and slower than they may once have been, that’s not exactly earth shattering news though is it? I can’t necessarily see AVB letting the side suffer as a result of that over the course of a season though.

STR: Good ol’ Torres. He cost £50m and has scored one goal. When will he become the biggest flop of all time?

CD: He is already isn’t he? Certainly most outside of Chelsea seem to think so anyway. From a Chelsea point of view, we’re probably in two minds. On the one hand, if you looked at his game the other night for example, he gave us both assists and looked impressive. On the other hand, he isn’t actually scoring. How much longer will we keep the faith? I’ll give him a week…

STR: Abramovich is pouring money in to the club on players like this because he wants to win the Champions League. Will he ever get it?

CD: What am I, a bloody fortune teller? If you’re asking will we win it with the squad we’ve got this season, then no we won’t. One day in the future though? Ask Mystic Meg.

STR: Do you wonder if Chelsea’s time has come and gone? Given the football United and City have been playing this season, as well as the potential for their squads to improve, do you see Chelsea competing again any time soon?

CD: Fuck me, write us off completely why don’t you? I think AVB has paid some attention to the future with his signings this summer and our senior players, whether the club admit it or not, won’t be ever-presents for much longer. So as much as you’d like to think otherwise, there’s potential for our squad to improve in the future as well, so there’s no reason we won’t be competing.

STR: You’ve had plenty of players coming in. What about those leaving? Has it been disappointing seeing Chelsea fan Joe Cole go from strength to strength since leaving?

CD: Yeh devastating. I mean, in spite of his love and devotion to Chelsea, we had to understand him leaving us – he was realising his dream signing for the biggest club in the world. Where did he end up by the way?

STR: In the end, a club that could offer him Champions League football. What do you think of the Chelsea fan boycott of Champions League games?

CD: It looked like it was City fans doing that to be honest. Seriously though, it’s up to them really – not that I think the club will respond to it. We were told if we wanted players like Torres, the supporters would have to pay. Probably doesn’t feel like much of a trade-off right now though I guess. To be honest, I stopped going regularly soon after Roman’s arrival anyway – it all got a bit ‘touristy’ for me – so it would be hypocritical of me to criticise.

STR: Ok. Anyway. More about us. What did you think when watching United stuff Arsenal 8-2?

CD: You actually think I sat and watched it? No, even worse, I was sat in a United fan’s house at the time and had to listen to the gloating every time a goal went in. If I remember rightly, what I said to my dad, a Chelsea man obviously, at the time was ‘Fuck me, we have to play them soon’.

STR: Feeling the fear eh? Which United player will you be most fearful of on Sunday?

CD: I wish it was a case of just picking one out, any of them could cause us problems the way they’re playing though. If I was pushed to name just one, it’d probably be Rooney but I’m hoping someone pins him down and shaves his hair off before the game.

STR: And your predictions?

CD: You know me better than to expect a score. I think it’s safe to predict you’ll be a smug bastard and I’ll want to rip your head off though.

STR: I hope you’re right! Cheers.

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