In preparation for the 2014-15 season, The Republik of Mancunia has spoken to fans of all the clubs in the Premier League about last season, next season, their own clubs and their thoughts on United.

Andy Dalton writes for Amber Nectar. Follow @Amber__Nectar on Twitter.

Scott: How did you rate 2013-14 for Hull?

Andy: By most measures, 2013/14 was the best in the history of Hull City AFC. Our highest ever league position, a first ever FA Cup final and a first ever qualification for Europe. Were it not for the club’s squalid behaviour over its doomed attempt to change the name, and the inability to hang on in the final at Wembley, it would probably have been the perfect season.

Scott: Who was your best performing player?

Andy: Curtis Davies. He used to look like an accident waiting to happen, but last season he was impeccably consistent and a vital player for City.

Scott: Which player are you expecting to be most important for you next season?

Andy: Tom Huddlestone. He’s a proper Premier League player who sometimes looks to be playing slightly within himself – however on form there aren’t many better midfielders about (and none of them would join City anyway) so we’ll be heavily reliant upon him.

Scott: Are you happy with your manager?

Andy: I don’t ever want Steve Bruce not to be City manager.

Scott: Ha, wow. You’ve got it bad eh?

Andy: I have a proper mancrush on Steve Bruce. Let’s face it, who doesn’t?

Scott: Ha, fair point. What do you think your club will achieve with him this season?

Andy: Trophies rarely head the way of clubs outside the top seven clubs, and the chances are we’ve just missed out on the best chance we’ll have in most of our lifetime. But it’d still be nice to contend until the latter stages of at least one of the three we’re entered into; as for the League, we deserved better than 16th last season and would probably have got it had we not been concentrating on the Cup from about March onwards – something like 13th-14th ought to be a realistic ambition.

Scott: Are you happy with your Hull’s performance in the transfer window this summer?

Andy: We’ve spent quite a bit, probably more than I’m entirely comfortable really, but we’ve spent it on players who should genuinely strengthen us – so the cost caveat notwithstanding, it’s been a productive summer.

Scott: If you could have one United player, who would it be?

Andy: Imagine Robin van Persie running onto Tom Huddlestone’s through-balls. Ooh.

Scott: Can you believe United were as bad as they were last season?

Andy: A dip was always likely after the retirement of the previous manager, but not necessarily a near-collapse. I think it took everyone by surprise, but to this outsider at least, it seemed more the responsibility of the players than David Moyes.

Scott: Eesh. Really? Personally delighted he’s gone. How do you expect United to perform this season?

Andy: Better, but I think the rebuilding may take another summer. I’d expect a top four position, and it may be that the new manager views a Cup as important to kick-start and validate his appointment.

Scott: Who do you think will win the league?

Andy: Chelsea.