My sweepstake team, Brazil, play the Ivory Coast tomorrow, with the hope of making it six points from six after their slim win over North Korea.

I have had a quick chat with the ever so sharp Gerry McDonnell from GM Football about his sweepstake team’s chances.

Scott the Red: So, Ivory Coast eh? Happy with your draw?

Gerry McDonnell: Not really. It’s a bit like drawing Liverpool in the Premier League, you might get a decent run but they’re never going to win it.

STR: A decent run? Hmmm. I think Ivory Coast have a better chance of winning the World Cup than Liverpool do the league… but then I’m biased. The Ivory Coast have only been in one World Cup and they didn’t do very well. Have they improved since that outing in 2006?

GM: Drogba is a more complete player now. I’ve heard he’s added the forward roll with pike.

STR: And life like tears. How much of a blow do you think his injury is?

GM: Massive. Their chances have gone from relatively healthy to slimmer than Victoria Beckham.

STR: At least it looks like he’ll get some decent game time now, but which players, other than Drogba, do you rate from your team?

GM: The Toure brothers. That’s not racist, they’re siblings.

STR: The Toure brothers could be plying their trade at City next season. Gross. What do you think of your manager Sven?

GM: I still can’t believe he talked Ulrika into dishing out a little slice of Swedish fish pie. The man’s a miracle worker.

STR: Shame he can’t bring the miracles to his career then really, as you have been drawn in the group of death, alongside the likes of Brazil and Portugal. How many points do you think you’ll get?

GM: Like the Crossbow Cannibal, I’ll take a stab at three.

STR: One down so far, two more to go. What are your predictions for your game against Brazil?

GM: Anything can happen in football, except the Elephants getting anything out of this one. 3-0 to Brazil.

STR: Judging on the other mental results so far, you never know. Who do you want to win the World Cup?

GM: England. But I also want to have sex with Cheryl Tweedy. Both are unlikely.

STR: She’s on the rebound. Never say never. Who do you think will be the tournament’s best player?

GM: I’m continuously singing the praises of Lionel Messi. It’s beginning to annoy the wife during lovemaking.

STR: Who do you think will win the World Cup?

GM: I expect a bucket of water to be tipped over Diego Maradona. I just hope they let it cool down first; we don’t want another Carlos Tevez incident.

STR: What a bitch. I like it. Best of luck tomorrow!