Given how unpopular this blog is with Liverpool fans, I thought I was going to struggle to find a scouser to do our View from the Enemy section. Fortunately, Rob Marrs, who is behind the excellent football (not LFC) blog, Left Back In The Changing Room, has agreed to talk to us about the pain of our 19th title and how much Liverpool have spent.

Scott the Red: Were you happy with your team’s performance last season?

Rob Marrs: No. Our final position was unacceptable even if the post-Christmas turnaround was welcome.

STR: Which players were most important in helping you achieve the the turnaround?

RM: Reina, Lucas and (post-Christmas) Suarez.

STR: Liverpool have spent a lot of money recently. Have they bought anyone decent?

RM: I’m relatively happy with the players if not necessarily the prices. I still think we need a centre-back. We need to get rid of more of the deadwood and prioritise keeping Aquilani – who is looking better and better.

STR: For all the money spent, which Liverpool players do you think would get in United’s starting XI?

RM: It depends on the formation I suppose. I think Suarez would get into any team, Gerrard, and Reina. On last season’s performances possibly Lucas over Fletcher but then again possibly not.

STR: I think any manager would find it difficult to leave Rooney or Chicharito out of the team for Suarez, personally. But with this squad Dalglish is assembling, what are your aspirations for the coming season? Is this your year?

RM: No, it isn’t our year. My aspirations are top three although realistically I think we’ll finish fourth.

STR: How do you rate your Dalglish’s ability to do this?

RM: Very highly. Him and the team around him (Comolli, Clarke etc) seem to be on the right track.

STR: And which player do you think will most important in helping you get top four?

RM: Suarez. If he has a good season he could be a worldwide superstar. He, Hernandez and Aguero could be the new faces of the Premiership.

STR: Which two current United players would you most want at your club?

RM: Tempted to say Berbatov but Vidic – he is, in my view, second only to Pique in world football and would walk into any team. Hernandez – I’m pretty happy with the forward line we have but he looks electric.

STR: Who will finish in the top 4? Who will go down?

RM: Top four: MUFC, MCFC, Chelsea, Liverpool. Bottom three: Swansea, Norwich and either of Blackburn Rovers and Wigan. Who’ll win the title? United have the manager but not quite got the players. City have the players but not the manager. I’ll be putting money on United.

STR: The players who just finished 9 points clear last season, Rob? Which brings me nicely to the question I’ve been waiting for. Tell me just how much us winning 19 titles hurt you?

RM: It was gut-wrenching but also a weird sense of relief. My extended thoughts here.

STR: Finally, anything else you’d like to talk to us about?

RM: Yes, am excited by a lot of the youth talent coming through. At LFC, Sterling, Suso, Coady and all the lads who broke through last year. At MUFC, would be nice to see a bit of Pogba, Morrison and most obviously (slightly older) Cleverley. Elsewhere you’ve got McEachran, Barkley, Sturridge etc. Exciting times.

STR: Exciting times indeed. Cheers mate. I would wish you all the best for the season but I’d be lying.

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