In preparation for the 2014-15 season, The Republik of Mancunia has spoken to fans of all the clubs in the Premier League about last season, next season, their own clubs and their thoughts on United.

Mark Jensen owns The Mag.

Scott: How did you rate 2013-14 for Newcastle?

Mark: A typical Newcastle United season under Mike Ashley. Key players Cabaye and Remy gave us the creativity/goals that left NUFC fifth top by Boxing Day despite not buying any players in Summer 2013, Ashley then sells our best player (Cabaye) and invests nothing in the team/squad – result was a shocking second half of last season.

Scott: Who was your best performing player?

Mark: Best three players were Cabaye, Debuchy and Remy – none of which are still at the club…

Scott: Which player are you expecting to be most important for you in 2014-15?

Mark: Remy Cabella is the player expected to fill the creativity gap left by Cabaye and the refusal by Pardew to play Ben Arfa – if Cabella doesn’t hit the ground running then we could have similar problems to last season’s flair free second half.

Scott: Are you happy with your manager?

Mark: No. His decisions are baffling and as for his embarrassing press conferences…

Scott: What do you think Newcastle will achieve this season?

Mark: The club’s (bizarre) stated policy of not treating the cups as a priority means very few fans even expect any effort to try in them. As for league position, I think expectations range from bottom three up to seventh/eighth – will half the team being new it will massively depend on how good they are and how quickly they show it.

Scott: Are you happy with your club’s performance in the transfer window this summer?

Mark: Yes, up to a point. After 18 months with no buys it is a relief that some credible players were bought but still lacking a quality centre-back and striker.

Scott: If you could have one United player, who would it be?

Mark: I assume you mean ‘Manchester’ United…

Scott: There’s only one United…

Mark: Rooney is clearly your best player by a mile, especially when Van Persie is (often) injured.

Scott: What do you think of Gabriel Obertan?

Mark: Useless.

Scott: Can you believe United were as bad as they were last season?

Mark: Yes and no. Thought Moyes had been set up for a fall and not been backed in transfer market if winning title was the aspiration, though didn’t think you’d be quite that bad – even allowing Newcastle to win at Old Trafford (comfortably) for the first time in 41 years…not that we were counting.

Scott: How do you expect United to perform this season?

Mark: I think Manchester United to be very similar to last season, unless serious moves are made in transfer market. Players such as Fletcher, Cleverly, Smalling, Jones and others are rubbish, while Fellaini can only be used by long ball merchants and Mata has just added to the disappearance of pace in your midfield.

Scott: Who do you think will win the league?

Mark: Probably a toss up between Man City and Chelsea, with Arsenal having a sniff if their summer investment works out.