After adopting Brazil as our own following the draw for The Sun’s World Cup sweepstake, RoM will be business as usual ahead of match day, so here is our first View From The Enemy from a Brazilian perspective.

Our first match is against North Korea, who fellow United blogger, Red Rants, got drawn with.

Scott the Red: So, North Korea eh? Happy?

Red Rants: Heh. Good question. Totally agree with you. I have now decided to throw my full support behind N Korea for the next week or so – which is as far as they will go. You know, someone has to support them. So I’ll proudly say: I support North Korea so you don’t have to.

STR: Good on you! Only 3 players in your 23 man squad play for clubs outside North Korea. How do you think this will have an impact on their chances?

RR: Yeah I heard about that… after I was given North Korea in the sweepstakes. Did little online research and all that. To answer your question, no, it will not have any impact on them.

STR: Jong Tae-Se has scored 15 goals in 22 games for his country. Will you be relying on him?

RR: Of course. Especially considering their striker situation. I read about one hilarious (and perhaps sad) incident: that N. Korea are one striker short because they listed him (Kim Myong-won) as third back up goal keeper in a bid to have an extra forward. FIFA, alert to this manoeuvre, told Korea that it can only play him as a striker.

STR: D’oh! Your team havent gone to the World Cup since 1966. Does that mean its England’s year?

RR: Heh. Another brilliant question. Of course it’s England’s year. Especially now that Gerrard is captain. It’s destiny. *puke*

STR: That’s what I thought. So, you have been drawn in the group of death, alongside Brazil, Ivory Coast and Portugal. How many points do you think you’ll get?

RR: Optimistically I think they will get a draw against Portugal. Especially after Nani’s injury, unless Queiroz becomes a tactical genius, I think Portugal will continue to underwhelm. And it’s Korea’s best chance to steal a point. Unless Mr. Kim Jong Il waves a magic wand. After all, in Korea they say he can control the weather with his mood. And that he can hit three to four holes-in-one per round easily. So you never know.

STR: Unless Queiroz becomes a tactical genius? He did alright with us didn’t he? Anyway, on to tomorrow. What are your predictions for your opening game against Brazil?

RR: 3-0. I won’t say who. I like to keep my cards close to my chest. Or something like that.

STR: Who do you want to win the World Cup?

RR: I would like Spain to win it this time. They’re a treat to watch when in full flow. (Argentina is too, but then question marks remain over Maradona) But, since Spain are so ominous, they probably won’t win it. I think their draw beyond the group stage is potentially a bit tricky.

STR: Who do you think will be the tournament’s best player?

RR: Just random guesses, Xavi perhaps. Notice I haven’t mentioned Ronaldo and Messi.

STR: Interesting. Who do you think will win the World Cup?

RR: Brazil. My dark horse is Germany.

STR: Cheers mate. May the best team win and all that!

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