Our first chat with one of the Premier League newbies, Swansea fan Chris Carra, from Forza Swansea, has spoken about his hopes for the season ahead.

Scott the Red: Were you happy with your team’s performance last season?

Chris Carra: Yes, Swansea had their bad periods and dips in form, but overall delivered an exciting, fluid footballing experience, with promotion as their deserved reward!

STR: Did you believe that Swansea would become the first Welsh side to play in the Premier League?

CC: A few years ago, probably not, especially when Cardiff kept pushing for promotion. However, last season Swansea looked much stronger and I felt it would happen.

STR: Do you see your club as representing Wales?

CC: To an extent, yes, but I’m sure our neighbours up the M4 would have objections to that!

STR: You’ll have to excuse my ignorance. I don’t know an awful lot about your squad. Who were your most important players last season?

CC: All the players are as important as each other in my eyes, so it’s hard to pick one. Stand out men last season, though, were Scott Sinclair, who added much needed goals, Nathan Dyer created havoc on the wings and Stephen Dobbie, who created so many opportunists.

STR: How has your team done in the transfer market this summer?

CC: We started off quite slowly, though eventually captured everything we need. Another goalkeeper and defender before the season starts would be ideal.

STR: What are your aspirations for this season?

CC: I think avoiding relegation would be the main priority, something all fans would love to see. Anything else would be a bonus.

STR: How do you rate your manager’s ability to take the club forward?

CC: Very highly. Brendan Rodgers is the right man for Swansea and, with time, can keep us in the Premier League and eventually get us into Europe!

STR: Where do you think you will finish this season?

CC: I honestly think we’ll end the season in 15th-17th.

STR: Which player do you think will most important in helping you avoid relegation?

CC: If Scott Sinclair repeats last season, he will be vital in keeping the club up. We also have Danny Graham now, who will need to score for fun if we are to compete against the big boys.

STR: Which two current United players would you most want at your club?

CC: Hernandez is very bright and would easily fit into Swansea’s style! I guess Wayne Rooney too, just for the star name and the goal scoring ability!

STR: Who will finish in the top 4? Who will go down?

CC: I see the top four (in no particular order) being: Man United, Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool. Going down would probably be Wigan, Blackburn and Norwich.

STR: Anything else you want to tell us?

CC: Swansea shouldn’t be written off as making up the numbers next season – they won’t win the Premier League, but will surprise some of the bigger teams I’m sure!

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