has given some of their time to answer a few questions from me on their biggest threat, that night in Moscow, John Terry’s red card and predictions for tomorrow.

1. Who is your all time favourite Chelsea player?

Has to be Gianfranco Zola, total professional on and off the pitch and a “clever little so-and-so” as SAF referred to him after he left your defence for dead.

2. Which former United player do you rate the most?

Goes hand in hand with which player I disliked most at the time. Back then I’d have said it was because he was arrogant although now I can admit it was because he was so bloody good – Eric Cantona.

3. Which current United player do you rate the most?

Whichever one cocks up the most against us Sunday. Difficult one to answer, I think Rio’s a huge player for you and obviously Ronaldo is class, but on the other hand, Rooney’s one of them players who has a massive influence on the game whether he’s scoring or not. So, I’ll go for Tevez – I’ve got a feeling he’ll be your player of the season.

4. What is your favourite United vs Chelsea moment?

There’s not that many to choose from so I’ll go for winning the title against you at Stamford Bridge. Obviously Cole’s goal was a nice bonus.

5. What is your worst United vs Chelsea moment?

If I pretend Moscow didn’t happen I’d say you thumping us in the FA Cup in ’94, I was gutted. Sadly, as hard as I try to forget JT’s dodgy studs and the fact that I cried like a baby, I can’t so Moscow’s the obvious one.

6. Who do you think will win the league this season?

Whoever has the most points at the end of it.

7. If you could pick a best XI from our two teams, what would the lineup be?

I’ve already said this is an impossible task – it’s hard enough picking a best XI from either side never mind having both to choose from. Maybe: Cech, Neville, Rio, Carvalho, Evra, Essien, Lampard, Ronaldo, J.Cole, Tevez, Rooney………….but that means leaving Drogba out, so maybe three at the back? And then it’s back to square one. I really haven’t a clue.

8. Do you think Jose Mourinho could be the future Manchester United manager? How would you feel if he was?

I’ve always thought Mourinho could end up at United, even when he was at Chelsea it was something I thought about. I used to hate the idea of it but now I don’t see him as the messiah I used to believe he was so I’d find it easier to live with.

9. Will Scolari get the better of Sir Alex Ferguson this season?

Physically or verbally? You know as well as I do that no-one ever really gets the better of SAF.

10. Would you rather beat United to the title or in the European Cup final this year?

I don’t assume we’ll be in the running for either at the end of the season but if we were, I’d want the title more. I know the European Cup is the one that keeps getting away, but we haven’t exactly got an abundance of PL titles under our belt either. Besides, I’ll never let myself get my hopes up in Europe again, lol.

11. Which Chelsea player should United fear the most tomorrow?

John Terry – I believe he’s deadly with a bear hug.

12. What would Chelsea have to win this season for you to consider it a successful season?

Well technically even the Carling Cup would make it more successful than last season but if you’re talking about what I’d personally settle for, then after last season, something remotely resembling decent football would do nicely……with the title at the end of it maybe?

13. If Chelsea don’t win the league, which side would you be the least disappointed at winning it?

To be honest, I wasn’t exactly gutted United won it last season because they deserved it more than us over the course of the season. We did bloody well to keep up with you but that was more down to luck than good football because we all know we were pretty dire for most of it. So, I’d like to be big enough to say the same again this season – unless it’s Liverpool or Arsenal of course.

14. What do you make of JT’s rescinded red card?

Did he get a red card? I must’ve missed that.

15. What do you predict for tomorrow’s match?

I don’t make predictions because I’m pretty hopeless at it but I’ll say I don’t think this game will turn out quite how the majority of Chelsea supporters are suggesting it will.