Another RoM: Manchester United blog interview to add to the collection and this time it’s with Harry Hotspur, the top Tottenham blogger who gives his insight on a whole host of topics, such as Bentley being a twat, John Terry being a twat and Daniel Levy being twat. Enjoy!

RoM: Is Daniel Levy a hypocrite for slagging off United for continuing to be interested in Berbatov, despite being told he wasn’t for sale, then going on to pursue players of other teams whose club said they weren’t for sale?
HH: Of course he is. The game at Tottenham with Arry Redschnapps is that Arry does the tapping and Levy sits in his boardroom firing off derisory offers to incandescent Chairman.

RoM: £140 million on transfers in two years. Who wasn’t a waste of money?
HH: That’s a mean question. You know White Hart Lane is a place good players come to rest on their laurels and under-perform. God knows. Does that include players we bought, sold and re signed? My head hurts.

RoM: Was Michael Carrick good value for money or were United ripped off?
You tell me. He’s one of those guys who few crow over but then when he’s gone you realise how pivotal he was. There are a number of self absorbed, do you know who I am types at Old Trafford. Carrick is probably a good antidote to them.

RoM: Which United player would you most like to see in your squad and why?
HH: Who in their right mind wouldn’t want Scholes?

RoM: What do you make of Robbie Keane being named captain after returning from a failed 6 months with the dippers?
HH: Best thing I’ve heard in a long time. With any luck he’ll reinvigorate some of the fairies who play for us.

RoM: Is Harry Redknapp a brilliant manager?
HH: He’s a brilliant man manager.

RoM: Is David Bentley a twat?
HH: Ha. Don’t know him personally, but my considered guess is that he’s actually not that bright.

RoM: Which player, if any, do you hate more than Sol Campbell?
HH: I have real hate on for Michael Brown. Never liked him when he was here. Wants cutting.

RoM: Would you like a super rich owner like City?
HH: Jews out, Arabs in! What next, Bond Villains?

RoM: Who will go down this season?
HH: We’re a good bet. Hopefully West Ham. Fulham would be a bonus. And who would honestly miss Sunderland?

RoM: Out of United, Liverpool and Chelsea, which team would you mind least winning the league?
HH: I used to be a bit of an ABU, but the years have mellowed me and anyway, John Terry has single handed eclipsed any negativity I had for all others. The Bindippers are harmless enough and anything that gives kids a distraction from heroin is good in my book.

RoM: Would beating United in the League Cup final mean more than beating Chelsea last season or not?
HH: Of course. You’re the real deal. You’re a dynasty of achievement. They’re gang of chancers, frankly.

RoM: Which player are you most fearful of in the final?
HH: Try three. Ronaldo could cheat win a penalty. And that Cave Man with Tourettes that is Rooney is horribly determined. Tevez can turn a game. Did I tell you anything you didn’t know?

RoM: Predictions for the final?
HH: I will be drinking dental anaesthetic as a precautionary measure.

Cheers, what a bloody nice bloke.