Ahead of the United vs Chelsea game earlier this season, I had a word with TheChelseaBlog.org about Terry’s red card, Scolari’s appointment and predictions for the match. Since then, with a best new blog award to their name, not a lot has changed. We talked about Terry’s red card, Scolari’s progress and predictions for the match.

1. Last time we spoke, Scolari had recently been appointed. How do you think he’s settled in?

Well, it’s January and he’s the bookies favourite to be sacked, so he’s settled in as well as most Chelsea managers I suppose. I think even I got a bit carried away with some of the football we played under him to start with but the minute we lost at home to the dippers it was impossible to ignore his lack of imagination.

2. What would constitute a good season for Chelsea this year?

We’re out of the Carling Cup, haven’t even managed to get past Southend in the FA Cup yet, we’re up against Platini’s favourites in the Champions League and I honestly can’t see us winning the title this season, so what’s left? Abramovich not doing a runner would be pretty good I guess.

3. United take on your former manager’s new side in the next round of the Champions League. Who’s through to the quarters, United or Inter?

I’m over Mourinho and I hate Inter, so that one’s easy. Probably a first for me, but my preference has to be United on this occasion.

4. Liverpool are giving us both a run for our money, just as Arsenal did last season. How do you think the top four will finish this season?

I can’t believe they’re still top but to be fair, you’d have to say it’s only because the rest of us haven’t been up to much so far. As for how it’ll finish up…………I don’t know.

5. Terry just had his red card over turned. He will have just finished serving a ban for a red card for this match. How important is he to your defence?

To be honest, I think Carvalho is the better of the two and I’ve questioned Terry’s game a fair bit over the past year. Having said that, Carvalho’s not back to his best and we’ve made some pretty basic mistakes in defence lately so right now I’d have to say Terry is probably vital.

6. In our last talk you rated Gary Neville ahead of Bosingwa. I can only assume you rank your lad over Nev now, but what about Rafael?

Yeh, Bosingwa looked pretty suspect for us to start with but he’s settled in nicely now, so my opinion’s changed a bit there. I really like Rafael though,

7. Anelka has scored a shit load this season whilst Berbatov has faced some criticism for not finding the back of the net enough, particularly with his big transfer tag. Who would you rather have at Chelsea?

Anelka’s scored plenty for sure and if he scored as many at Stamford Bridge or against the top sides then he’d be a dead cert. I’ve always rated Berbatov though and he might not be popping them in for fun yet but it’s his first season with you. How many did Anelka score for us last season? Come to that, I remember the same sort of criticism levelled at Drogba when he first came to us with his price tag but I could see the amount of work he put in whilst he wasn’t scoring – and of course the goals eventually came. For that reason, I’m going to have to be a right traitor here and say Berbatov.

8. Are you prepared for the abuse and piss-taking Terry will receive on Sunday?

No, it’ll give me the right hump.

9. Which line-up are you hoping Scolari plays?

I keep whingeing on about him playing 4-4-2 but I don’t think this game’s the one to do it. I’d rather he didn’t just play with Drogba up front on his own though because it’s just not happening. So I’d grudgingly go for his 4-5-1, with the option of pushing Anelka and Cole forward into 4-3-3 if it starts to look desperate. Usual back four: A Cole, Terry, Carvalho, Bosingwa, Mikel, Lampard, Ballack, Anelka, Drogba, Joe Cole. Obviously if we put Cech in goal as well, that’ll help.

10. What’s your prediction for the game?

That I’ll have lost my temper way before the final whistle!

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