Manchester United fansManchester United secured a vital point at Ewood Park against Blackburn on Saturday, after Carlos Tevez scored the equaliser two minutes from time. United dominated the game, but on a day where they saw their shots come back off the woodwork and Rob Styles deny blatant penalties, were relieved to leave with something.

The point gives us some space from Chelsea, meaning even a defeat at Stamford Bridge at the weekend will still see us at the top of the league. To go in to that game with just a two point advantage would have been too nerve-wracking and the pressure really would have been on.

Blackburn fans took great pride in the prospect of compromising our title bid, those sat in the executive boxes behind the United fans gesturing at our lot all game. Their fans leapt out of their seats every time Ronaldo was tackled, celebrating as though they’d scored with every World class save Friedel made to deny us the desperately needed goal. However, like always, were totally outsung by our travelling fans, of which there were around 8,000.

There is something painfully small time about Blackburn Rovers. Before kick off, the commentary from Blackburn’s 4-3 win over United the season before last was blared out over the speakers.

Their fans had one or two chants, the most creative going along the lines of “Come on Rovers, come on Rovers” which could be heard once or twice. Even following the goal, they were entirely outsung by the travelling reds. There were gestures exchanged between our fans and those sitting in the stand to the right, the one that a 3rd Division club would be proud of, throughout.

The anger erupted in the aftermath of our late equaliser, with United fans giving as good as they got to the surrounding Blackburn fans, jeering them and throwing insults their way. “Home to shag your sister, you’re going home to shag your sister,” the away end bellowed to the Blackburn fans who made a quick getaway after the Tevez goal.

Boozed up after hours at the Fenhurst in preparation for the late kick off and emotion running high following the let off goal, United fans clearly celebrated heartily. Pouring out in to the streets of Blackburn, sections of our fans continued with the winds up, singing songs of incest at the demoralised Blackburn fans who collected at bus stops.

Around 50 of these fans were arrested and kept in custody over night, after wind ups turned in to scuffles and fights.

Business as usual for the Red Army…