After John Toshack quit the Wales job, it took a matter of minutes before Welsh legend, Ryan Giggs, was linked to the job, with some claiming he was the Football Association of Wales’ first choice.

Former United coach, Eric Harrison, has claimed if Giggs wants the job, he couldn’t carry on playing too.

“It is not a cushy little number and it is not a part-time post,” he said. “You are at the sharp end of things and these days I don’t believe you could combine playing for a club at United’s level and managing an international team. You couldn’t be playing for United at the weekend and be wondering and worrying about how the Welsh players are doing.”

You only get one shot at a playing career but you have the rest of your life to get in to management. If Wales want Giggs now, they’d certainly want him in years to come when he has more experience after the game under his belt.

The International job may be the way Giggsy goes one day but it’s highly unlikely he’d give up on the last year (or two?) of his playing career for a job he could probably claim at any point he liked in the future.

“If you go into management, the big job is to be in charge of your country,” said Giggsy. “And I’m no different in terms of thinking like that. At the moment it is difficult, because I still have commitments as a player. But I always use the Sparky situation. One minute he is playing for Wales and in the Premier League with Blackburn, then the next thing you know, he is managing his country. Sparky never really planned for that.”