Yesterday I commented on the article which appeared in The Sun, with Dimitar Berbatov signing a Manchester United shirt. Whether the whole thing was set up or not, to me, it seemed entirely inappropriate that a player under contract with another club would sign our shirt.

“No one can disagree with me wanting to follow my dream,” said Berbatov in response to being questioned about wanting to join United, making strikingly similar comments Cristiano Ronaldo in regards to Real Madrid.

A couple of days after revealing his dream, there are pictures of him in the tabloids signing a Manchester United shirt.

Now, can you imagine if Ronaldo was seen signing Real Madrid’s shirt just after saying he dreamed of playing for them? Whilst I’m not massively concerned about Spurs fans’ feelings, I am really starting to wonder about Berbatov’s character. We already know he’s a mardy bastard and this just shows him up as a bit of an idiot. He wants to leave Spurs, we all know this, but these below-the-belt tactics aren’t appreciated here.

Do you think he was out of line?

“Tottenham fans are no exception to any others – they support the team and get behind the side,” said Spurs manager Ramos. “If a player is on form, if he knocks in a couple of goals then I’m sure anyone who booed him last week will soon be getting behind him and cheering him. That is what it is like.”

I think I would find it rather hard to forgive a player who was blatantly disrespecting the club by signing the shirt of another team.