From the stands, it never looked like a pen. It looked like the keeper tips the ball clear and Michael Carrick fell over his body. That’s never a pen. I text my mate to double check and he said it was a nailed on pen. I assumed it was the red tinted specs talking.

I got in, got showered, went to the pub. All the reds at the pub said it was a nailed on pen. They were all pissed and I again assumed it was red tinted specs.

I got home, watched the video, and was quite amazed. Whilst it’s clear that Gomes touches the ball, it’s also clear that he touches Carrick first. Whilst there are referees that would and wouldn’t give it, even with video replay, there’s no way you can say it’s definitely not a penalty.

Carrick is trying to take the ball around the keeper so kicks it to his left, at which point Gomes arms and body make contact with Carrick’s feet and shins. The direction of the ball changes and that’s as much to do with the way Carrick kicks it as much as it is Gomes making contact.

It’s one of those decisions you’d probably take issue with if it went against you, because you always do when there’s a debateable penalty going against you. It wasn’t stonewall but I would never say it was the “wrong” decision.

Sky Sports: Spurs are incensed and surround the referee Webb, but the replay suggests it was a straightforward decision. Carrick was played into the area and got a touch just before Gomes slid in to take him out.

The Times: Invigorated by the tonic of Tevez, in 23 heady second-half minutes United forced five goals past Heurelho Gomes. The first was a penalty that, even after watching 20-odd replays, you were unsure should have been given.