Rio Ferdinand organised what was supposed to be the party of the year for the Champions this Christmas, but when stories of rape and roastings emerged, things quickly turned sour. Today, Sir Alex Ferguson spoke about how he is more than happy to get rid of players who disrupt the balance at United, who jeopardise all that Fergie has worked so hard to protect.

The News of the World goes one step further today, claiming that the players who attended the party, who is every member of the first team bar Ronaldo, have been fined £1 million. It had already been reported that the United team weren’t allowed to throw any more parties, regardless of what trophies they may collect, with Ferguson speaking out about the incident just once, keeping tight lipped about the incident.

With United’s name dragged through the mud, with Ferguson tearing strips off them every day, and now a massive fine, it begs the question, was it really worth it? Ferdinand could see himself out on his arse if he’s not careful, and Wesley Brown, who’s already miffed about his wages, certainly won’t be pleased to see a few months earnings go down the drain!

Congratulations Rio, you’ve really exceeded yourself this time!