If United had to lose on penalties, I wish it was Carlos Tevez that missed one. We love him and he would have been forgiven. Most likely he will already be forgiven for going AWOL for the entire game today.

Dimitar Berbatov is a different kettle of fish though. For whatever reason, the fans are already against him. It doesn’t matter that only Robin van Persie has more assists in the Premiership and it doesn’t matter that his touch is arguably better than anyone else in our team. The media branded him sulky before he came to United and the idea that he was lazy when he joined us quickly circulated. He doesn’t run around like Rooney or Tevez but he certainly works harder for team possession than Ronaldo. That doesn’t matter because Rooney or Tevez could go weeks without scoring and still be loved whilst Ronaldo can go missing all game then pop up to score the winner to get the fans onside.

Berbatov was sulky at Spurs because he wanted to play for Manchester United and he wanted to play Champions League football. The club said no and told him he had to stay put. So he stayed put and scored 23 goals for them. Like the summer before, he wanted to play for Manchester United and he wanted to play Champions League football and he was again told no. Of course he’s going to be fucked off if he has to stay with relegation fodder when he could be playing for the best team in Europe.

Manchester City came in for him, willing to pay him far more than United were, but he didn’t even meet with them. Just having a word with Mark Hughes would have upped his wages at United by a few thousand quid a week, but he wasn’t interested. He didn’t even want to know what ridiculous sum of money the bluenoses were prepared to pay him. He wasn’t arsed about the money, his only concern was to be a Manchester United player.

Rio Ferdinand was arsed about the money, but we forgave him. He took a poor penalty today and he is forgiven. Cristiano Ronaldo dreams of playing for another team but a large proportion of United fans have no issue with him announcing to the World he wanted out. Dimitar Berbatov dreams of being a United player and he’s got his wish. But that won’t be enough for some reds.

I call upon the fans who were asking for Ferguson’s head after a couple of years to make themselves known. We, as fans, make mistakes and judge prematurely. Berbatov had already been judged and following his dreadful penalty against Everton today will be judged further.

When he scored the winning goals against Boro, Bolton, Spurs and Newcastle, as well as bagging one against Chelsea, we certainly weren’t complaining.

My opinion is he is a cut above and will be absolutely class for United. Hopefully he will be given enough support from the fans to prove himself.

He fucked up today, that much is obvious. But you’re a fool if you don’t think he’s got what it takes to be a winner for United. He deserves to be slated for that penalty, but no more than Vidic does for his performance against Liverpool, or Scholesy for handling against Fulham, or Evans for gifting Porto’s first, or Van der Sar for getting a rush of blood at Anfield or a whole host of other mistakes that go on throughout the season. Berbatov has scored and assisted important goals for United this season and does not deserve the outpouring of grief he will take for his part in our defeat to Everton.