Cristiano Ronaldo has come under criticism from United and non-United fans alike this season, following his temper tantrums and petulance.

Against Fulham, there were occasions where Ronaldo was fouled and should have been awarded a freekick. However, referee Phil Dowd didn’t notice and play continued. This is frustrating, certainly, but it’s not as if Ronaldo is the only player to be fouled during a game and not win a freekick for it. However, most players who are fouled on the halfway line and lose possession tend to try and win the ball back, despite the injustice of not being awarded a freekick. Sadly, Ronaldo just doesn’t seem prepared to do that. If he believes he has been fouled and nothing has been done about it, he’ll stand with his hands on his hips and limp about. Yeh Ronnie, life’s a bitch, but get on with it!

Paul Parker has today claimed that Ronaldo’s attitude at the moment isn’t helping the team and suggests what should be done about.

“Ronaldo is not helping Manchester United or helping his team-mates by generating that kind of atmosphere,” said Parker. “Stamping your feet or exaggerated hand gestures just wind up the opposition fans even more and undermine your own concentration. It is not show ponies that are needed at this stage of the season, it is shire horses who will work hard. Nine times out of ten you don’t play great football during a title run-in. It is a battle and you have to stand up and be counted. This time of the season is do or die and the last bit of the season makes or breaks you as a Manchester United player. It is how United have reacted in this period of the campaign that makes the difference between a United player and an average Premier League player.”

Parker reckons the influence of club captain Gary Neville could make all the difference to Ronaldo.

“United need a Gary Neville at the moment on the pitch,” he added. “I think he would have sorted Cristiano out on Saturday. I don’t mean he would have physically got him by the scruff of the neck but he would have got the message across and told him a few home truths that his reactions were not helping the cause.”