Manchester United have had larger attendances every single season since the war, regardless of which team was more successful. United have fans from all around the country and the world, which somehow has lead people outside of Manchester to believe the myth that City fans put about, that Manchester is blue.

Some City fans are more honest than others though…

Even when United played at Maine Road following Old Trafford being bombed, United had higher attendances, and when we were in Division 2 (and City were in Division 1), we had the largest attendance in the country.

Rightmove has carried out a survey and the results have shown that 56% of Mancunians are United fans, telling us all what we knew already.

In Manchester, although just 9% of Manchester United’s fans live in the same postcode district as Old Trafford, the sheer scale of their support means that more than half of football fans in the city support United overall. In Liverpool, around two thirds of fans were found to support Liverpool with one in four supporting Everton. Despite the footballing rivalry between the two cities, and in particular between Manchester United and Liverpool, there were levels of support for opposing clubs in both locations, with 5% of football fans in Manchester supporting Liverpool and 4% of fans in Liverpool supporting either Man Utd or Man City.

In London, Arsenal are the most well-supported club ahead of rivals Tottenham Hotspur. Surprisingly, Manchester United and Liverpool both appear in the top 5 most-supported London clubs ahead of Premiership teams who are based in London such as Fulham, Chelsea, Queens Park Rangers and West Ham United.