Every week the away section are guaranteed to sing two things. “We support our local team” and “Your support is fucking shit”. Doesn’t matter who the opposition, doesn’t matter how many songs we’ve sung, those two chants will get sung.

Once upon a time I could have got wound up by that but you become immune to it. Home game after home game, it’s always the same shit. Talking to the 70,000 and odd people sat inside Old Trafford as if we’re all from Kent or Ireland.

Now, I’ve made my stance on glory supporters fairly clear in the past. Whilst of course supporting your local team is something that should be encouraged, I don’t think I’m in a position, with Old Trafford literally as the closest ground to where I live and was brought up, to tell people from the middle of nowhere with some Conference side as their local team, that they should support them instead. Supporting your local team is a lot easier to do when your local team happens to be one of the best and biggest in the World.

Regardless, because of our success and history, we do have a lot of people outside of Manchester supporting us. Funny how the opposition use this as a stick to beat us with.

It’s like they’re saying “you’re a glorious team, with glorious history, a filled trophy cabinet, which would make people from our city choose to support your team rather than ours! Ha ha! People would actually rather suffer the abuse of being a glory supporter, have to travel miles upon miles to watch your team play, than support the team we do! Ha! So there!”

I flicked over to the Spurs vs Wigan match tonight to see Zokoro lying flat out on the ground. With the fans becoming bored and restless, a chant started up. “We support, we support, we support our local team!” What the fuck?

I can only assume it was the Spurs fans on the receiving end because I really can’t see how anyone would think Wigan were drawing in crowds from outside the locality. But then, are there lots of people outside of London, travelling to White Hart Lane, to watch Spurs on a Friday night?

So, is this a chant that does the rounds at every Premiership ground every weekend? The fans of the team perceived to be the smaller of the two starting it up everywhere they go? It’s pathetic.

It goes without saying there are more than enough people in Old Trafford who could return the chant, singing truthfully that we too support our local team, but what’s the need? What point do we have to prove? Which is why in response we don’t sing about our team, the Champions of England, Europe and the World, but theirs instead.

“You support, you support, you support a load of shit!”

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