Manchester United won their third European Cup last night, beating Chelsea on penalties. Since the start of the season, I, like many other reds, have claimed this would be our year, believing strongly in the fated conditions this season brought with it. 40 years since our first European Cup, 50 years since our Busby Babes died in Munich. Surely, there was only going to be one name on this year’s trophy.

Sir Alex Ferguson has waited long and hard for his second Champions League title to come, rightly feeling as though he’s had a team capable of at least making the final in the 9 years between 1999 and today. Now it has arrived, our third European Cup, but are we happy? Are we content?

“We’re delighted,” said Sir Alex Ferguson. “It’s my first victory in a penalty shoot-out apart from the Charity Shield. I’ve lost three with Aberdeen and three with United so this is seventh-time lucky.” Is that it though? Is he happy with just the two European Cups? “Defending the European Cup is not an easy thing to do but I think the team is good enough,” he said. “They will improve next year.”

How about Giggsy, who surely had to believe he wasn’t going to get another chance at a Champions League final, is content with what we’ve got? “I want nights like this again,” he said.

With the alcohol still racing around in our veins, our ears still muffled from the noise, our voices hoarse from shouting, it’s now time to start thinking about when we will win our fourth 😀