“Fergie, sign him!” our fans used to chant, recognising the hard work Carlos Tevez put in to every match. Our feelings towards him were much like those we felt for Alan Smith, although the former Leeds man was more prolific in front of goal, bagging 6 Premiership goals in his last full season with the club, more than Tevez managed last season.

Oddly, Tevez got the wrong impression from our support of him. He seemed to be of the belief that because we chanted for Ferguson to sign him, our loyalty was with him rather than the manager. So convinced was he of this he continually bad-mouthed Sir Alex Ferguson, then thought we would still love him after he left. Whilst we loved how hard he worked, it was hard to justify the massive transfer fee, and it became impossible to justify when he slagged off Fergie and claimed after 45 minutes of European Cup final obscurity that we could have won with him on from the start!

Our dislike only increased when the lies started pouring from his mouth, claiming his move wasn’t about the money but about playing time – failing to notice it’s impossible for him to play in more games for City next season. Then he claimed that Sir Alex Ferguson had treated him badly for two years, when in April he said the manager treated him with respect from the moment he had arrived and had a big influence on his career!

The fans who he will always ‘have in his heart‘ have already made their feelings well known and come derby day I’m sure our reaction will come as a surprise. Do we see you as a traitor, Carlitos? No, to be traitor you would have to be one of us in the first place (take note from David Beckham, who never had a bad word to say about the manager in the press!). We simply see you as the lying cunt you are. And for the record, City have never been one of the best clubs in Europe, you deluded bluenose bastard.