Henri Lansbury’s last game for Arsenal this season was the 8-2 defeat at Old Trafford. He’s been at Arsenal since he was 9-years-old but his worst ever day in football came at the hands of Manchester United earlier this season.

Two weeks after our demolition of Arsenal, Lansbury signed for West Ham on loan and was quick to grab their badge when he scored on his debut. He reckons he’s an Arsenal fan though and the stick our young lads gave him did nothing to improve his mood in Manchester that day.

“They didn’t give me any time to get over it, they got straight into me on the pitch as we were walking off,” said Lansbury. “Two of them, Jonesy and Smalling, came up to me and said, ‘Oh, you lot are good aren’t you?’ Then on the bus, Welbeck sent me a text. I can’t repeat it, but I didn’t reply. I just deleted the conversation. I went quiet for a couple of weeks. In fairness, I was at them the whole trip with the Under-21s, so I knew it was going to come back and bite me somewhere. But I obviously didn’t think like that. I had gone on with six minutes to go when we were 7-2 down. It was bizarre. Watching it from the bench, seeing the goals flying in, it was just, ‘This isn’t happening, this isn’t real’. When you’re 7-2 down you’ve just got to dig in and try to stop it getting even worse. I’ve been an Arsenal fan since I was young, so I would always help the club in any situation. And going on against United at Old Trafford has always been a dream, but it turned out to be my worst day in football. Afterwards, I think all the boys thought, ‘Did that really happen to us?’ Everyone was in shock and just wanted to get on the bus. On the way home we were in silence the whole way.”