Phil Jones managed to make us all feel rather old this week when revealing he was still in primary school during the 2002 World Cup. Danny Welbeck has helped rubbed it in further by letting on just how young he was when Ryan Giggs scored that incredible goal against Arsenal in the FA Cup semi-final in 1999. Our young striker claims that Giggs has been his role mode since he was a lad and has revealed how exciting it has been to train with and play alongside him.

“My role model has been Ryan Giggs ever since I was a young kid,” he said. “I love the way he plays. I was eight when he scored that goal against Arsenal. I just thought ‘Wow! I want to be Ryan Giggs.’ When I first trained with him, I was in disbelief. Then I got the chance to play with him. There’s nothing better than playing alongside your role models. Ryan Giggs has that great desire. He still wants to win every single training match. Even if it’s possession, he wants his team to have the ball most. To see that is really encouraging for the young players to know how much it still means to them. Every United player just wants to get better and better. Wazza has a great desire. It’s infectious. I see him giving his all and it makes me want to give my all as well. He’s a wonderful talent. I’m training and playing with world-class players.”