Manchester United’s best form this season has coincided with Tom Cleverley starting in the centre of midfield. With plenty of people claiming Cleverley is ready to fill Paul Scholes’ boots, Danny Welbeck has today sung the praises of his team mate.

“I think he can become a world-class player,” said Welbeck. “Football is such a simple game, it’s how hard you make it for yourself. Tom keeps it so simple and it is hard to do that when you’re in centre-midfield, but Tom does that. He gets the ball, passes it, moves into space and he’s just always there as an extra option every time you’ve got the ball. He’s really good to play with, I enjoy playing with him so much and he’s got the awareness, the vision and the ability to pick out a pass and actually produce a final pass as well. He’s just going to carry on improving. You can see that every single day in training. He’s a really good player.”

Cleverley and Welbeck are both products of our youth system and Danny reckons their good relationship helps their connection on the pitch.

“We are really good friends off the field and quite a few people come up to us and tell us that it shows on the field,” he added. “We’ve been through the same training schedule growing up through the academy, the same coaches who have taught us the same things, so we’re on the same wavelength and we know each other’s games inside out, more or less.”