Having played football on the streets of Longsight with Wes and Reece Brown, Danny Welbeck, who attracted United’s attention when he was just six-years-old, started his football career at Manchester City. However, when he was just eight the blues let him go, allowing United to snap him up.

“Dad took me to one side,” Danny told GQ magazine. “He had this concerned look on his face and told me that City had called before Christmas and wouldn’t be having me back. I was like, ‘Why didn’t you just tell me, Dad? It’s not a problem.’ I carried on at my club Fletcher Moss, scored a load more goals and soon I was at Manchester United. I never looked back.”

Welbeck has scored goals against the likes of City, Arsenal and Spurs this season but insists that he wants there to be more to his game than just sticking the ball in the net.

“I don’t want to be a static centreforward who just sniffs out goals in the six-yard box,” he said. “I see the game moving on and I need to have movement, be a player who can stretch defences. I like to be mobile. I have played on the wing so I like to drift and make space for my teammates. I don’t want to just score goals, I want to create chances for my team and hopefully I am [doing that]. I can drop off, move wide, link up.”