As if any team would need extra motivation to beat us in a European Cup final than losing out to us on sudden death penalties the season before. To play Chelsea in the final would have meant we faced a enraged monster who were desperate not only to win the first European Cup in their club’s history, but even the score with United. Given their controlled displays against Barcelona, I wouldn’t fancy this task.

Whilst obviously not Chelsea’s biggest fan, far from it in fact, you can’t help but feel we aren’t playing the best side from the other semi-final when we go to Rome. For all their flair and brilliant attacking football in La Liga, Barca just aren’t that good when they come across English. In the past few seasons, they have been knocked out by Liverpool, Chelsea and United and only beat Arsenal in the final thanks to late goals after playing against ten men for most of the match. On the performance in the semi-finals, they certainly look like an easier team to break down than Chelsea.

Whilst looking a complete twat when making his point, it’s hard to argue with Drogba that it was a “fucking disgrace” that Barca are our opponents, given the penalties Chelsea should have been awarded. Abidal shouldn’t have received his marching orders for Anelka’s “trip” but that doesn’t even the score. It makes you wonder where the fuck UEFA get their referees from, given the soft freekicks our referee was blowing up for yesterday and the disgusting decision to send off Darren Fletcher for a brilliantly timed tackle on Cesc Fabregas.

I’m relieved we’re not playing Chelsea but they were robbed. Our job is a lot easier than it would have been though and for the neutral, hopefully the match will live up to its expectations. But essentially, I just want the trophy and I’ll take a scrappy 1-0.