Creating defensive records is something that has never been associated with United before this season. Whilst we win the vast majority of our games at home, it’s unlikely we’d go years without losing there. Whilst we tend to outscore our opponents, we usually concede a goal or two along the way. We pride ourselves on our attackig football, meaning our defensive game hasn’t needed to be water tight.

However, over the past couple of seasons, whilst still staying true to our tradional style of going forward, we’ve become more solid at the back. Winning game after game, United just haven’t been conceding. Whilst our defenders are a credit to us, we’ve been without Neville, Wes, Rafael, Rio and Evra for large chunks of the season, yet still managed to keep the clean sheets at the back, which is something that reflects the quality of our entire team and ability to keep the ball.

That record ended last night and with the three points in the bag, I couldn’t be happier.

Records create pressure and with United competing on all fronts this season, the less pressure we have the better. I don’t want the lads worrying about keeping this record in tact, when really we should be focussing entirely on getting the win. Whilst I don’t think it’s had a particularly damaging effect on us so far, with the games getting more and more important every passing week, I don’t want there to be anything else to distract them.

Liverpool would have got awfully giddy had they scored at Old Trafford next week if the record hadn’t already been broken, whilst the press, who have been far too obsessed with the record, would have been unbearable. I know it’s been donkeys years since Liverpool last got a goal at Old Trafford (a John O’Shea own goal!) but it would have been sod’s law for those rat-munchers to end the record.

So it’s over with, well done Edwin and the rest of the team, now we can focus on filling our trophy cabinet!