Beating Arsenal is always an enjoyable experience, whether in the league or the Cup. The long running rivalry between Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger has lead to fiery clashes, whereby usually one or both managers have something to say about the other side come the final whistle.

Sir Alex Ferguson was left to complain about the disgracefully dirty behaviour of some of the Arsenal players, whilst Wenger could only look to his team being embarrassed by United.

Following criticism that United were just a one man team, in reference to Ronaldo, his omission from the squad, with Nani in his place, certainly raised a few eyebrows. However, Nani proved Fergie was right to put his faith in him, as he ran the Arsenal defence ragged for ninety minutes.

United had the game wrapped up at half time, leading Wenger’s men 3-0, but any doubt over the eventual winners was eradicated when Eboue attempted to castrate Patrice Evra early in the second half.

At 4-0, United really started to switch on the skill, showing Arsenal’s defeated players was beautiful football was all about. Flicks and fancy footwork from our star players seemed to frustrate Arsenal all the more. When Nani picked up the ball, playing keepy uppy with his feet, thighs and head, Arsenal were left to react angrily, kicking out at the talented Portuguese youngster.

After the match, Wenger tried to justify his players’ reaction to Nani, saying “You don’t want to be teased or humiliated.” 4-0 at Old Trafford and Nani is getting the blame for Arsenal’s humiliation? He should point the finger at his spineless team, as no one is more to blame than themselves for the humiliation Arsenal players and fans will be feeling this morning.