April 17th 2011: Wenger blames referee for Arsenal draw
“We conceded a penalty after 11 minutes when the referee said there was eight minutes of injury time. I don’t see where those three minutes came from and it was no penalty.”

April 10th 2011: Wenger blames grieving Gunners for goal drought after competition exits
“After what happened to us we are in grief and the spontaneous side of your game goes a little bit. That’s why our goals have dried up. This team cares and fights but after what happened to us, it takes time to recover. We have not given up but it’s not as easy for us as it was before.”

April 3rd 2011: Wenger blames international break
“I had not seen most of the players for two weeks and we got them back altogether on Friday morning for the first time, so it was very difficult to predict what would happen. Players have come back from international duty and they are not sharp – half of the team has not recovered.”

March 14th 2011: Wenger blames lack of confidence
“Subconsciously the disappointment of Tuesday night has played a part in the game. You could see something has gone, not in our effort, not in our attitude but confidence-wise.”

March 10th 2011: Wenger blames ref
We came back into the game and I am convinced that we would have won it. Even if he did hear the whistle it was the wrong decision in a game like that. Maybe the Spanish fans and newspapers will think differently but people who have played football won’t understand it. I am frustrated by the decision of the referee. It is difficult to understand why he would make a decision like that to kill a football game.”

March 2nd 2011: Wenger blames Koscielny
“He [Koscielny] made certainly a mistake, he is really angry about it. We have, as well, to show that we support him and that we believe he is a fantastic defender. Wojciech is alright, there was more a misunderstanding. Because in the last second, Koscielny didn’t follow through [with his clearance] because he thought he saw Wojciech coming out. Then he had a hesitation and that hesitation was fatal for us.”

February 5th 2011: Wenger blames Barton, bad luck and panic
“It was a completely unnecessary sending-off, and I believe Barton was very lucky to stay on the pitch for the tackle on Diaby. I explain that by the fact that he has been injured so many times from bad tackles that he lost a bit quickly his nerves because this boy has been out for a long time and many times. Certainly the tackle provoked his reaction. I felt that it became difficult at 4-1. At 4-0 we were quite comfortable but then we panicked a little bit. I also think we were a bit unlucky on occasions.”

January 13th 2011: Wenger blames fatigue
“I’m disappointed with the performance and the players are, too. We had a night off. We rely a lot on our sharp and crisp passing and that was always a problem tonight. In every department I would say we were below our usual level. I put that down to a bit of fatigue.”

December 30th 2010: Wenger blames lack of leadership on the pitch
“Nobody looks from the outside to take charge on the organisation side. There is no voice when the focus drops a little bit. You don’t feel that anybody takes charge on alertness and we need to communicate much better than that.”

December 14th 2010: Wenger blames Manchester United pitch for mistakes
“The intensity was high but it was a very bad pitch,” said the Frenchman. The technical quality suffered as a result and that’s why you saw mistakes from both sides.”

November 3rd 2010: Wenger blames complacency
“We had a good start, but after that we lost our urgency. It was more of a team problem, a kind of complacency problem more than an individual problem.”

It’s amazing what you find when you type in “Wenger blames” in to Google and just include quotes from this season alone. Hopefully he’ll be needing something else to blame dropped points on tonight…