Manchester United drew level with West Ham in injury time on Saturday to force a replay.

West Ham captain, Kevin Nolan, feels put out though, believing the referee allowed too much added time to be played.

“I was baffled by the four minutes, but you have to get on with it and see if you can see it through. Unfortunately we could not do it,” said Nolan. “Everyone realised it should not have been four minutes. But you will have to ask (referee) Mr Atkinson that, because I am not getting a fine. But it tends to happen, and it is no thing towards big teams. Manchester United have done it for years, they have been fantastic and a top team, hats off to them because they go to the final whistle.”

Time of goal: 90:22

Is Nolan suggesting that no added time should have been played, despite six substitutes? Hmmm. Those extra 22 seconds really did some damage…