Under-18 coach, Paul McGuinness, has told us to expect great things from Reece Brown, Wes’ younger brother.

The 17-year-old has a similar style of play and has been at the academy since he was a kid.

“Reece will obviously forever be saddled with the tag of being Wes Brown’s younger brother,” said McGuinness. “When people see Reece, they see a striking resemblance, both in terms of looks and style of play. He has the same sort of attributes. He’s good in the air, quick and he’s a big lad. Reece has settled in nicely. He’s been at the club since a very young age, but the start he has made to his professional career has been really good. He has concentrated right from the start, which is a feature we really wanted him to look at.”

Hopefully he won’t be saddled with Wes’ injury history as well as his looks!

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