AIG aren’t too popular these days meaning there is a push for a new shirt sponsor to come in. Saudi Telecom have been heavily linked to replace AIG, who are likely to rebrand themselves as AIU, meaning there’s some confusion as to which logo we will see on next season’s shirts.

Regardless, pictures claiming to be next season’s new shirts have been leaked and it’s not pretty. The away shirt is just plain ugly. Whilst I like the idea of a lace up shirt, particularly one remember our 1909 FA Cup win, this is a poor job of a commemorative shirt given the pleasing efforts remembering the Babes first league success with 2006 shirt and the more recent European Cup 1968 replica.

Sadly, this ‘leaks’ on the internet are becoming more and more accurate, with this season’s white shirt making an appearance on the internet over a month before it was officially unveiled as our new kit, meaning this lace up effort might prove to be something our lads are actually seen in next season.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, as one of the shirts has actually turned out to be fairly nice.

Or how about this one?

Or this?

However, whilst searching for our possible new shirts, I came across some other mock-ups. Whilst there is little to no chance of these shirts with these sponsors actually making it to the shelves, I appreciate the effort gone in to making them and actually kind of like the look of them!