Rodrigo Possebon was flown out to join the United team last week to take part in the pre-season preparations. The 19-year-old Brazilian has got tongues wagging around Old Trafford, all speaking highly of the young talent.

“Rodrigo is a tall, elegant midfielder who fits into the idea of a modern footballer,” said Brian McClair. “He has very good ability and is a box-to-box player rather than your silky tricky midfielder. He’s very steady. Rodrigo also speaks very good English which has helped him. That makes a big difference. He is young and has come a long way from his home to England but he has settled in very well. He’s very level headed and we are pleased to have him.”

Possebon has been tipped to play some sort of role in our first team next season, possibly emerging sooner than we might have initially thought, in a similar fashion to Anderson last season. If that is the case, what songs will we sing for him, following the massive success of the Anderson song?

To White Pele

“I saw my mate, some time ago,
He said that he saw Brazil’s Keano,
He’ll be here, when Ronnie’s gone
He goes by the name of Possebon”

To Ryan Giggs running down the wing

“Possebon, Possebon, running box to box
Possebon, Possebon, wearing his red socks
Feared by the blues
Loved by the reds
Possebon, Possebon, Possebon”

To Who’s that man from Argentina

“Who’s that boy we call Rodrigo?
Who’s that boy we all adore?
He is harder than Rio
He is tough, our lad, Rigo,
And forever at United he will score”

Can you do better?