Wayne Rooney’s people spoke to Sky Sports News yesterday and told them the player was “angry and confused” about David Moyes’ most recent comments. It had been reported that Rooney would be depended upon if Van Persie got injured, leading newspapers to report that Rooney was going to be used as back up.

Today it has been reported that Chelsea have made an offer of £10m plus Juan Mata for Rooney, which United have rejected, insanely.

So what did Moyes actually say to make Rooney so upset?

“I think he’s got a major role to play because we need to try and get as many goals as we possibly can. I think Wayne can play up-top he can play dropped in. Overall my thought on Wayne is he’ll be key. If for any reason we had an injury to Robin. Robin, we are going to need him. I want to be able to play the two of them, I want to be able to use Danny Welbeck, Chicarito as well. The first year I think I have to get a chance to see (all the players) and how best to use them. It’s a chance for me to get Wayne right back to where he was. That’s the challenge and a challenge I want to take on. I’ve also got to make sure it’s not just him and we don’t concentrate on him. Manchester United isn’t about Wayne Rooney.”