Manchester City fans were pissing themselves when the now infamous poster popped up in town. The club had forked out a small fortune to a London-based design company to come up with the slogan. Mark Hughes described it as “a bit of fun between fans”, likening it to the counter we have on the Stretford End which marks how many years the bitters have gone without a trophy. Difference is, our fans organised the counter, whilst MCFC were the ones to fork out the money with the sole intention of winding United fans up, and they wonder why Ferguson calls them a small club with a small club mentality?

Regardless, “Tevez 32” was the name and number to have on this season’s City shirt whilst some of their fans camped out on this blog for a few weeks. The message we repeated was the same: we wanted him to stay because he worked his arse off but he didn’t have the quality you expect from a £25m player and we trusted the manager he’d made the right decision. We were told that was sour grapes and that he was world class.

Do they still think the same?

My friend sent me a link to the most popular Manchester City forum, Blue Moon, after he’d stumbled across it and got quite a laugh out of it. With fans of rival clubs always coming on here having a go, I tend to steer clear of other club’s forums and blogs, but this really is worth a read if you need a bit of cheering up. Was it £47m well spent?

Poor mans Dickov!

It seems everyone rates him because he runs around a lot. He’s a poor finisher, if he’d have put that one away today we would have won. He cost millions but looks like he’s worth thousands.

His shooting makes vassell look like pele

Carlos Tevez is very overrated and never worth the money we’ve spent on him, he scored a few crackers at United but thats about it. He’s a good squad player, nothing more. Ferguson was laughing when he got rid of him and his sulking on the bench.

I’d have put that chance he had today in that he ballooned over from 3 yards.

It was funny to wind up the rags when we got Tevez, but fuck me he’s turning in to a monumental embarrassment. Has done fuck all for ages! Think we should just bite the bullet and get rid tbh. embarrassing.

I have to say how bad his first touch actually is has really surprised me.

tevez isn’t as good as people actually think, if we haden’t of got him from the rags no one would of gone on about him as much.

He looks so poor that even the clueless will pick up on the fact he is not that good soon enough.

Tevez isn’t, wasn’t and never will be a £30m player. He has yet to justify buying him never mind his price tag.

I want my strikers to offer a goal threat – i’m not that arsed if they turn the odd certain goal kick into a throw in.

Workrate=great, quality=zero. Has to improve drastically because on what I’ve seen so far we’ve signed a £25mill Dickov.

And my favourite…

fergie knew what he was doing when he let him go, we are a fucking joke!