It’s hard to measure what the general reaction from United fans has been to news that Michael Owen looks to be on his way. Whilst I would rather we didn’t, to put it mildly, I do trust the manager. I think he’s a horrible little money-grabbing cunt and don’t want him anywhere near the club, but if Sir Alex thinks it’s worth a punt, then we have to accept it. Although the idea of seeing him in our shirt makes me feel ill.

Regardless, it’s interesting to see what the vermin make of it all. Take a look at their haven, RAWK.

– Owen to the Mancs, what a twat. Can you imagine his stupid little grin on his face as this time next year he has a Premier league winners medal and possibly a Champions League medal, or definately a decent run in the competition he left us for (only for it to backfire spectaculary). I hope he fails the medical, it’s going to be a tough one by all accounts.

– Why the shock like there was any doubt he would be that much of a twat.

– Berbatov, Rooney, Wellback & Machedia are the only forwards at the club and Ferguson has got to find the 30 odd goals that Ronaldo and Tevez provided last year. When fit, Owen scored 1 in 2 games for a woeful Newcastle team, imagine how many chances he will get at Old Trafford with all their possesion?

– He really is a horrible little shit.

– I am not surprised he’s jumped at the chance to join Man U, but I am a little surprised they actually want him.

– Great move for him. He’ll do well there, unfortunately. Shrewd signing, would of been happy if we had done that bit of business.

– Don’t go MO. Anywhere but there, Chelsea, Arsenal, even Everton, just please don’t go to those bastards! People said Michael Jackson dying was like losing a part of their childhood, if he signs for those bastards, I will have lost a part of my childhood, he was my first Liverpool “hero”, I had his name on my cream coloured shirt, when we’d go to get out haircut I’d ask for it “Short, like Owen”.

– We were getting excited at the prospect of Tevez joining us straight from Old Trafford. We should just shup up now. Good luck to him: hope he stays injury free as he must be hoping he will be first choice. Truth is, if I were him, I wouldn’t have done it, I would have chosen the option of Aston Villa, or being Top Dog at Hull.

– I bet you if Owen plays for Manchester United, and we dont sign Villa, Owen will score more goals than our second striker (not including Gerrard). He will get double figures comfortably for them.

– A really horrible little shit, any little bit of respect I had left for the prick has now evaporated like his England career (ha ha), he shat on us when Rafa came in at the very last minute, and now he’s trying to stick a massive two fingures up to us again. Horrible twat, hope we win everything next year and he spends the season either on the bench or preferably on the injury table

– Sweet mother of god, FUCKING HELL!

Does seeing how fucked off they are make the deal any more appealing to you?