…to make Old Trafford be like this again?

Realistically, what are the options to allow Old Trafford to return to the noise levels of a Jumbo Jet taking off? All football stadiums are quieter, and even the Liverpool Echo conceded last season that the home of the ‘best fans in the World’ was dead last season and even their fans agree.

Football has changed now and so have the people walking through the gates at Old Trafford. So working with what we’ve got, what can we do?

1. Singing sections

Enforce two proper singing sections, in the Stretford End and Old Scoreboard End. Only fans wanting to sing should be able to get tickets here. If one end starts a song, the opposing end can follow suit, and hopefully drag the two stands in between along with them.

2. Song sheets

Each week there will be people coming to Old Trafford who have never been before and maybe won’t ever return again. Whether we like this or not, it’s going to happen. If song sheets were left on the seats for songs like the Calypso then maybe these people could at least join in with the singing and raise the noise levels.

3. Standing sections

There’s no denying the atmosphere is a lot more lively when you’re on your feet. Whilst I’ve heard some fans complaining of stewards chucking them out for standing, there are already some pretty lenient sections of the ground where that is concerned. The atmosphere against Barcelona last season was hailed as special, and that was a night where large sections of the crowd were on their feet for the last 15 minutes or more.

When all the stadium problems occurred, they were decrepid old things. If stadiums pass quality checks, then why not allow standing areas. Even if the seats are still in place to stop crushing, just being allowed to stand would make a difference.

What else?