Whilst not at all scientific, given it was entirely dependent on who filled in the survey (I didn’t, did you?), it was interesting to note that almost 1,000 more reds took part in the Manchester Evening News poll.

The fact that only 30,000 City fans went to Eastlands for the League Cup semi-final against Liverpool earlier this season speaks volumes about how many fans they have. If Manchester was blue, surely they’d be able to sell out a game of such magnitude? It’s not as if semi-finals have been frequent occurrences for City over the past few decades.

Of all the Mancunian postcodes that are featured on the map (data for M4, M10, M11, M14, M15, M22, M23, M40, M90 and M99 isn’t shown), United support has the clear majority.

M1 – 56% red
M2 – 83% red
M3 – 73% red
M8 – 65% red
M9 – 55% red
M12 – 56% red
M13 – 45% red
M18 – 45% red
M19 – 42% red
M20 – 36% red
M21 – 46% red
M60 – 94% red

City fans were in the majority in every one of the Stockport postcodes and also in many areas of Tameside and Oldham. Blue strongholds include Hyde, Dukinfield, and Stockport town centre, where more than 70 per cent of those polled said they were City fans.

Over in Salford, central and south Manchester and parts of Trafford, the results were reversed. In Eccles, Worsley and central Salford, more than 70 per cent said they were Reds. The area around Old Trafford is also apparently a Red stronghold, with 71 per cent of those in the M16 postcodes supporting Manchester United.