What goes around comes around eh? Less than a week after hauling Michael Owen down as the last man, Jamie Carragher got his just desserts. In the first half, Carragher fell in to Zamora in the penalty area but the referee let him off the hook again. It was a case of three strikes and your out for Carragher though, with the Liverpool defender finally handed a straight red card for rugby tackling his opponent.

But all is right with the world again after their 3-1 defeat, as far as Liverpool are concerned anyway. They might as well not have beaten us given that six days later there is exactly the same difference in points between us again. Their defeat to Arsenal in the League Cup meant that the Premiership isn’t the only competition they can’t win.

City and Villa are on the same points as Liverpool but City have two games in hand, whilst Villa have one, meaning Liverpool can slide down to 7th. Sunderland are one point behind them, Stoke are two points behind and Burnley three, and if Fulham win their game in hand, they will be just one point off Liverpool.

Five defeats in eleven games, more than double the losses they suffered throughout the whole of last season, and the celebration of last weekend is cut short, with them now on a two game losing run… how long will this one last?

If you think it doesn’t get much funnier, don’t forget Benitez signed a five year deal a few months ago, worth £5m a year, so they quite simply can’t afford to sack him!