Ahead of today’s victory over Burnley, about 300 United fans showed up at O’Briens in the Stretford Arndale to talk about what we’re going to do to reclaim our club. With reds divided on what is the best course of action, it was an opportunity for the supporters groups to get an idea of what the fans wanted to do.

As the microphone got passed around, the ideas ranged from brilliant to insane, but I really think we might be on to something.

Here were the main points:

– Draft a letter for as many fans as possible to send to Sir Alex Ferguson to ask for his resignation. As a socialist and a man concerned for the club, he should show the Glazers exactly what he thinks of them. Poor results and failure to qualify for Europe would mean the Glazers could no longer afford to even keep us afloat and we would go in to administration.

– When attending matches, don’t buy anything inside the ground. No programmes, no food, no beer.

– Don’t attend matches and don’t renew your season tickets. 20,000 or so fans haven’t renewed over the past five years, let’s keep pushing that number up.

– Get a figurehead for the movement. Eric Cantona?

– Get famous reds on board. Ian Brown, Manny etc. to increase the publicity.

– Team up with Liverpool supporters groups (this suggestion was booed and generally ridiculed).

– Have picket lines outside the ground and get leafleting going to raise awareness.

– Stick together. Whether you love or hate FC, whether you go to the games or you don’t, the division between us must be healed to allow us to work together in reclaiming out club.

But the best idea, the one that I think could actually happen and start to make a difference…

– Don’t go in to the ground until 5-10 minutes after kick off against AC Milan. With the eyes of the world watching, an empty stadium would really send out a message.

If we could all meet outside Sir Matt Busby’s statue and get the anti-Glazer chants going, then pour in to the stadium still chanting them, it would really draw attention to what we’re trying to do.

Realistically, we’re not going to be able to raise the money amongst fans to reclaim our club, so our issue now is raising awareness and getting people on board.

Lots of people there wanted full scale boycotts, with them already giving up their season tickets or not buying tickets for the games anymore. For me personally, I don’t see what not going to games brings. If I don’t pay £700+ for my season ticket, somebody else will. Whilst they were pleased that 20,000+ people had given up their season ticket, the point to note is the attendance figure isn’t down by 20,000+. Some people believe giving up their tickets is the best way to get Glazer out, and respect to them for putting in to practice something that must be so difficult for the sake of our club. But there are plenty of people who don’t believe giving up their seat will help solve our problems. If we all give up our tickets, our seats will still get filled, but by people who just fancy a day out. And then what?

Today, for the last ten minutes or so, there was continuous anti-Glazer chanting, which wouldn’t go on if we weren’t there. A group of lands unfurled a LUHG banner, before being chased out, then carried out. The best platform for us to get our message across is from inside the ground, with the media watching and reporting.