Further statements emerged from the Real Madrid camp today in reference to their hope of signing Ronaldo this summer. FIFA turned away United’s complaint about the Spanish club, meaning it’s business as usual at Real Madrid, with them commenting about our player in the media on a daily basis.

“We’re waiting for Cristiano to make a statement. Whenever he says he wants to play for Real Madrid, there would be conversations between the two clubs,” said Real Madrid general director, Miguel Angel Arroyo. “We would be delighted to reach an agreement with Manchester if the possibility exists, that is, if they want to sell and the price were reasonable.”

The Glazers have confirmed they have no intention of selling Ronaldo, however there is little doubt that Fergie will be fuming about the situation. So he probably won’t welcome the criticism that has come today from Roma’s director, Bruno Conti.

United signed 16-year-old Davide Petrucci last week which has left Roma devastated. The lad has been hailed as the best youngster the country have produced in years, and has been labelled ‘the new Totti’.

In Italy, no professional contract can be signed until the player is 17-years-old, meaning United could swoop in and land his signature before Roma could. Today, Roma have likened this to Real Madrid courting Ronaldo.

“They complain about Ronaldo and then did the same thing with David,” Conti said. “His father Stefano has disappointed me. I will not be told any more lies. As for the boy, I wish him all the best in the world.”

Now, whilst I completely understand Roma’s frustration to have lost a bright, young talent, I can’t see how they are making the connection between this and the Ronaldo situation. Had United made their desire to sign Petrucci well known, speaking to the press on a daily basis, then the two situations are comparable.

As it is, Roma have just been let down by their own footballing association who make it an option for clubs from abroad to sign their homegrown players before they reach 17-years-old.

It’s not the first time this has happened though, with Vincenzo Camilleri, Fabio Zamblera, Giuseppe Rossi and Arturo Lupoli all making moves to Premiership clubs from Italy in the past few years, leading the clubs in our league to be branded as “pirates”

However, before Roma start throwing their weight around, they should take a minute to listen to the reasons the young player has given for leaving the club. 

“Going to play for the strongest club in the world is a great opportunity for me,” he said. “It was hard to say no, even though I am a Roma fan and would have gladly stayed with them throughout my career.”

Clearly Petrucci had intentions of staying with the club, however it was their behaviour which pushed him in to the arms of United.

“A month ago Roma offered me a contract on the minimum wage and they did not say how long it was for,” he continued. “I asked for a bit of time to consider it, as United’s offer had already been made, but they gave me just three days. Roma closed the door on me while United opened another. They could have valued me more highly.”

Clearly Roma just need to let off a bit of steam, but they can kindly leave our manager out of it in future…