The headlines yesterday were filled with Brendan Rodgers’ response to things that were written in Sir Alex Ferguson’s autobiography about Jordan Henderson.

“I’m not here to give coverage to his book. The one thing I was bitterly disappointed about were the comments about Jordan Henderson,” said Rodgers. “I have to say I thought that was inappropriate. Having worked with him for over a season, he is a young lad who is just trying to improve. He comes in every single day, does his best to try to become a top player. When Kenny Dalglish signed Jordan, I thought it was a great signing. There was a reference to his running style and his gait but you go through all the medical tests when you sign for a club. They will have strengths and weaknesses when they arrive but they will improve. I’m sure somewhere along the line, if Sir Alex bumps into Jordan, he will apologise.”

Having not yet read the autobiography, I was wondering what on earth Ferguson could have said about the 23-year-old. Considering all the news about the book had initially been about Keane, Beckham and Rooney, I wondered how something so damaging could have been overlooked.

So, what was said?

We looked at Henderson. We noticed he runs from his knees with a straight back while the modern footballer runs from his hips. We thought his gait might cause him problems later in his career.

I read through those three sentences a couple of times. Ferguson acknowledges that Henderson was a player that cropped up on United’s radar but they didn’t chase it up because of concerns about his run. The club believed the way he ran might result in injuries later in his career.

Of course it stands to reason I would show bias towards our former manager over Rodgers, but even when trying my hardest to put on my neutral cap, I can’t even begin to understand why Rodgers believes that Ferguson owes Henderson an apology. Unless Fergie is capable of inflicting injuries on people through the power of speech, which I’m pretty sure he isn’t capable of, I’m at a loss as to how Fergie’s explanation of why we didn’t try and sign Henderson is “damaging”. Ferguson didn’t criticise the lad’s attitude or ability, although he’d be well within his rights to do so if they were reasons for overlooking the player, rather noted that he had been informed that the way Henderson ran could lead to injuries later in his career. So?

Saying that, Rodgers also criticised Ferguson for revealing what went on in the dressing room, a year after his club invited a TV crew to film the goings on of his dressing room for a reality TV show, so we’re probably wasting more effort than it’s worth discussing this clown’s opinion on anything.