After spending the past few days with “green and gold”, “Red Knights” and “Glazers out” making the headlines, then seeing MUST’s campaign to get the supporters’ backing for the RKs, I got in touch with Duncan Drasdo to ask him what was going on.

I showed him the Are You United? article on RoM and pointed out some of the more pressing questions and criticisms. Communication with the fans is vital and nobody wants to feel like we are being left in the dark where the future of our club is concerned. Like many other reds, I am very much in support of MUST and what they are trying to do, but that doesn’t mean we should go in to any situation blindly.

This is Duncan’s reply:

There is naturally uncertainty about the Red Knights but no supporter is being asked to make any decision at this stage about support or involvement and that applies to MUST too.

MUST is working very closely with the Red Knights and a relationship of trust and mutual respect has been established. However MUST will only support a proposal which we believe is good for Manchester United Football Club and good for the supporters.

There is a flexible structure under consideration (it has to be as there are crucial unknowns in terms of price and supporter involvement) so nothing is set in stone and all options remain under consideration.

This isn’t about supporters helping the Red Knights to buy the club. It is actually the other way around with the Red Knights providing the essential financial cornerstone that gives supporters the opportunity to share in ownership of the club if they choose to do so. They have to actively make that choice though.

The larger the supporter participation the smaller that cornerstone needs to be.

Currently there is a tremendous opportunity for supporters to shape the thinking and future structure. If they want to be part of that process they first have to join the campaign at Join Must and then they can have a voice and influence the outcome.

If they choose not to then they can hardly complain afterwards.

The intention is to provide the option to every United supporter to own a part of their club. Whether we choose to take that option is up to us as individuals but the first stage is building a huge Red Network to allow us to communicate.

If the millions of supporters around the world choose to participate they could hold a significant stake – even a majority is possible. If they choose not to we all may regret this for many years to come.

Join MUST – it is free and no obligation and gives you the chance to shape the future of MUFC.