The Republik of Mancunia was pretty impressed with the advert which was made to reveal the new United shirt. With supporting a club bombarded with corporate stuff, with the players endorsing anything and everything between crisps and red wine, it was fairly refreshing to see a new sponsor engage with the history of the club.

RoM spoke with the people who made the advert to find out more about it.

Scott: Why were you keen to involve the history of the club in promoting the new shirt?

All scenes were filmed in and around Manchester, and were selected to be representative of the era being reflected by the Manchester United shirts celebrated throughout the spot. Very little was done to alter the scenes.

Scott: Were you nervous of any backlash over exploiting fans’ sentimentality and a history that Chevrolet aren’t a part of?

While the Chevrolet brand is relatively new to the club, we wanted to demonstrate that we respect and recognize its history. We are proud to be involved now and into the future with such a storied club.

Scott: Was there a reason for the omission of the Vodafone and AIG sponsored shirts?

We told the history of the club and the shirt through some key moments. Unfortunately we could not fit them all into a :30 or :60 commercial. We focused on the club origination in the late 1900s through successful periods in the late ‘60s, mid-80s, late 90’s and more recently. The shirt became a symbol of these successes and an iconic representation of each of these eras from a fan perspective.

Scott: Did Chevrolet have any input on the concept of the video?

The video was developed by Chevrolet and its global ad agency Commonwealth//McCann. The Manchester United team was consulted throughout the process.