With a 25 point lead over Man City, it seems that the only thing now separating Liverpool FC from winning the title is the postponement of the season. For Man Utd to gain on Liverpool this year the team would need nothing short than a cataclysmic development of events.

As things stand, both experts and fans don’t expect a title this year. But, there are questions about the future. The management of Manchester United hasn’t shown a lot of stability in the last seven years since Sir Alex Ferguson retired from the team after an era of involvement since 1986.

There has been a commotion about new signings to the team, and they are always followed by great expectations. While some improvements can be made, it wouldn’t be enough to snatch the big win at the end of the season. Also, most of those in the know are wary about United’s approach to simply throwing money and expecting that something will change.

The team is begging for stability and structure, not finances.

The Departure of Sir Alex

Sir Alex Ferguson leaving Manchester United was an equally sad and happy day for everyone connected with the team. Both worldwide fans and the part of Mancunians who don’t support City couldn’t help but be emotional.

But, it seems that his departure didn’t only make the United short a great football expert, but someone bringing stability to the team. Sir Alex was a known quantity, a pillar, something you could always count on.

As far as expertise goes, David Moyes is far from being a beginner. He just didn’t inspire enough confidence to be given the time and money to do what he needed. Instead of waiting to see how things might play out and would all the pieces fall into place, the team switched him for Louis van Gaal.

Van Gaal even led the team to a win in the FA Cup in 2016, but that didn’t convince the higher-ups that they should make the deal permanent.

Finally, before Solskjær came to the team it was led by Jose Mourinho, an objective equal in skill to Sir Alex. But Portuguese expert seemed at odds with both the management and the press from day one.

He wasn’t happy at all, often bickering with the local press. Even after winning a few titles in the first season, nothing changed.

With Ole Gunnar Solskjær, the fans are expecting to see a bit of stability. The former forward for the team became the caretaker in 2018 and is now the official team manager, hoping to do with the United what he succeeded with the Norwegian Molde.

This is a huge jump in the relatively young Norwegian’s managerial career, and all things considered, he might provide what the team was missing from the start; stability.

No Big Money Solutions

Those familiar with the situation agree that throwing money at the 30 point gap that United now has between them and Liverpool is nothing but wasteful. While new blood is always welcomed and there are reasons for the team to reinforce their ranks, some issues are bound to remain.

Unless Ole is allowed to form solid structures within the team and draw the best in each player, the future will be grim. Eyes are now at the top brass in Old Trafford, seeing if they will let him do just that.

Everybody Senses the Instability

While the fans watch the decline of Man Utd with sadness, adversaries rejoice. Even if those close to the team announce their faith in the future glory of Old Trafford, there are signs to the opposite.

A great signal is the betting operators in the UK, which don’t trust Manchester’s chances of reforming any time soon. Platforms like LionCasinos show diminishing odds even against their City rival.

This is the best show of progress because the odds for the team have mathematically improved since 2018, but not by much. This might be enough of the indicator to the owners to let Ole and the team do their job, while doubts remain.

The Klopp Approach

Ironically, the biggest example in what should be done can be found in United’s western rival, Liverpool FC. Under a very crass and direct Jurgen Klopp, the Red Devils have been formed piece by piece, slowly tempered to an optimal level.

For the last five years Klopp has slowly raised LFC from a team in the middle of the list to an undisputed frontrunner in the Premier League for the first time in 15 years, and the winner of the 2019 Champions League and the UEFA Super Cup.

That is exactly where Man Utd should go; slow and steady, back to the top where they belong.

There is Light

In the end, Manchester United still has a team filled with extraordinarily talented players and nothing is stopping them physically from regaining the top. That is the silver lining in the whole ordeal because the troubles of the team are mostly psychological.

If Ole is given some time and new blood coming in reaches their full potential, the FA Cup will return to Old Trafford once again!