Last season ended with the climax of the green and gold protests, with MUST providing ‘GO – Glazer Out’ cards, whistles and flags.

MUST have launched their new anti-Glazer campaign ahead of our first game of the season tonight against Newcastle.

The support of MUST grew at an incredible rate last season, with many more United fans reaching breaking point as far as their tolerance of the Glazers went.

Then the Red Knights came about and opinion amongst United fans was split again, just as it had when discussions over former a break away team became a reality in 2005. Was it a case of out of the frying pan in to the fire? Better the devil you know? Or was this our chance to get rid of the Glazers with the hope of having owners who cared less about the support. It all petered out in to nothing anyway, when the Red Knights conceded they would not be putting a bid in this summer.

I have caught up with Duncan Drasdo, MUST’s chief executive, and he has agreed to answer your questions. Whether you are a supporter of MUST or not, this is a good opportunity for you to direct any concerns or criticisms to someone in the know, as well as have any information about MUST and their point of view clarified.

Simply post any questions you want Duncan to answer in the comments section below. Not all questions will be answered but we’ll try and get through as many as possible.